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Relax during a session of yoga or a massage relaxing
At le Château du Ronchay, in Luneray near Varengeville-sur-mer.

moment of well-being in the heart of the Alabaster coast

After a pleasant day of walking and discovery, requalize yourself with a session of massage, relax in our jacuzzi area or take advantage of our gym.

Find “serenity” during a session of yoga led by Armelle, our qualified teacher affiliated with the French Federation of Yoga Schools: Nata yogayoga and senior relaxationchild yogaayurveda and practice of plantar massages in the kansu bowlhatha yoga, sound yoga (use of the Tibetan bowl, mantras and sound relaxation baths, etc.).

Armelle Tropardy:

Yoga à la maison
Massage du visage

When massage comes to you...

During your stay at Château du Ronchay, let yourself be transported to a haven of well-being. In music, by candlelight, it is a magical interlude where you will enjoy an exceptional moment during a massage provided by Dorothée, our practitioner in wellness massageRelax in the expert hands of our adorable and talented masseuse who will offer you the massage adapted to your preferences (mild or intense).


Let yourself be pampered and find serenity, a sensation prized by both men and women. A break in time that will soothe your mind. Take the time for a well-being ritual, alone or in good company, close your have never felt so relaxed.



The Château du Ronchay is now partner of Maison Payen 1730.


Maison Payen 1730 has been manufacturing natural and ecological cosmetics based on Rare Oils for 300 years in Marseille.

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Have the new space jacuzzi/fitness put in rental for €350.

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